February 15, 2001

Another Valentines Day Goes By
   by isaiah <>

Well, another Valentines Day gone by only to leave me wondering why? Why do people get all hyped up over a senseless holiday of commercialism. I made the effort of going to town to look for something, and managed to see one of my friends, in Wal-mart of all places, getting something for his better half. I was semi-frustrated about this. This guy is the same one I spend about every Superbowl game with, bleching and doing the male bonding thing with. To see him buying something 'lovey-dovey' definately makes me wanna PFFT!

Of all the wonderful (silent sarcasm intended) 24 years of my ever joyous life, I've come to some quite obvious realization that Valentines Day is nothing more than a commercial holiday exploited to drastically nauseating porportions. If someone is looking for a single day out of the year to share with that special someone, do it on their friggin' birthday. You should be more worried about the fact that you're alive, rather than if you're going to get a ton of chocolates or flowers from your signifigant other. To all those who have found their special someone in their life, I bid you congrats. However for those of us who are still looking, like myself, I bid this past day a big PFFT!

Published: February 15, 2001
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