February 16, 2001

What's Up With You People?
   by stacy <>

PFFT! has been serving you for a year. That's right, it's PFFT's one year anniversary. Yippee! There are 149 registered users, 188 published stories, and over 50,000 hits in that time. People find our site by the oddest means, and more often than you might think, it has to do with a Google search on "Britney Spears without clothes and having sex with a goat" or something like that. I'm not sure how I feel about getting links that way, but I suppose getting eyeballs is all that really matters. But, note the absense of ads on this site in that time.

So. Why is it that we got so many more story submissions in the beginning than we do now? Plenty of people read the site and register, they just don't ever enter stories. Isn't it more fun to participate? Is it too hard? Can you not figure it out? Let us know if there's anything we can do, cause I really would like to see more stories submitted. It gets tiring knowing I write a lot more stories than anyone else, which is understandable, but the more stories, the more fun this site is.

So. Please? This is a chance to try out your creative side. So many visitors here are techies, but techies can certainly be creative and find something to write about. They do it often enough on mailing lists that I've seen, this is a chance to be a little more positive with the opportunity to really say what you want to everybody.

But lest I sound too ungrateful, I do want to thank those who have written stories and visit the site on a regular basis. We appreciate our loyal readers and writers!

Published: February 16, 2001
Editor: stacy

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