On the Job

February 17, 2001

I Wish I was On the Job
   by gushin <>

Ok Stacy, I'll submit to your request for more new stories to be submitted from us lurkers. I have submitted in the past, though, in my defense.

Here's the deal. I'm looking for a new job and not enjoying it very much at all. I'm not currently working at all.

The first position I took (a 10-person outfit with a commission only sales job) I wound up quitting after 3 frustrating days. The owner totally lied about the support (training) he was going to offer in getting me started and I wound up going on 2 appointments with him and the rest of the time I stood around like an idiot. After 3 days I could see it was a pile of crap and I quit.

I am now trying to land a position doing the same thing, but for a major national company. I have had a 1st and 2nd interview and have even been sent for a drug screen. I have a friend that works there and he got me in. He says it looks real good.

I know that both the guys I interviewed with will be out of town all this next week.

That means I will probably not know anything until Feb. 27. PFFT! This really sucks!

Do I sit around all week just wondering or do I continue to send out more resumes and make more calls trying to set something else up?

This is why I say PFFT!

Published: February 17, 2001
Editor: stacy

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