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February 24, 2001

Blame the Ex-President
   by stacy <>

I always liked it when Hillary Clinton blamed the vast right-wing conspiracy for getting her husband into trouble regarding WhiteWater, the Monica scandal, and other problems during the previous administration. It was ridiculous to suggest that Mr. Clinton needed any help getting himself into trouble, and everybody knew it. Nobody took her seriously, and in fact, most people wondered why she was still putting up with him and covering for him. The answer was pretty simple, she needed him to further her own political career, and it was a good idea. She wouldn't be a senator now if it wasn't for him.

I disagree with the Weekly Insight this week. The press should be watching for Bush's "Hooked on Phonics" tapes to arrive in the mail, but so far, Bush hasn't done anything to embarrass the office of the President or the United States in general. Some would say that the way he went about being elected was sort of questionable, but you can only go so far with your blame towards *him* with that. The media is rightfully focusing on Clinton's misbehavior his last week in office. He was so worried about creating a positive legacy, but all he did was indicate that he'd been as bad of a President as the right-wingers had said all along.

To borrow a phrase from several sources, Clinton was a boil on the butt of the US. He did a lousy job of respecting the people of the country during his term in office, and he did a lousy job of respecting his successors. There was not just one questionable pardon, there were about 10. He was responsible for dispensing pardons as favors for the government of Israel, wealthy Democratic contributors, and his own brother-in-law. He also pardonned his long-suffering brother, Roger Clinton, who was in-character enough to get a DUI a few days later, so it didn't really matter.

Say what you will about Bush and his inability to get out an entire sentence without mangling the English language. However, maybe he'll go 4 or 8 years without bringing an undue number of scandals upon the office of the Presidency too, and return a level of respect to the White House.

Published: February 24, 2001
Editor: stacy

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