February 27, 2001

Is it sexual when you hug your mother or father?
   by ZenShadow

Check out this story on CNN. Educators in a Mississipi school have banned hugging between students.

Um, guys? WAY TO GO! Not only have you convinced at least one of your students that hugging is inherently sexual (which, if it were true, would certainly give ME nightmares, what with some of the people I've hugged in my time), but you've managed to say, in a nutshell, "YOU CAN'T SHOW YOUR LOVE FOR EACH OTHER!" PFFFFFFFFFT!

Hugs are valuable. If you don't understand that, then maybe you need to go get hugged by someone you care about. Then you'll understand what I mean.

--ZS (off to figure out how *I* can help in this 'make the world a less friendly place' campaign...)

Published: February 27, 2001
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