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March 23, 2001

Some women just need extra support...
   by mike <>

I switched jobs recently. I still do the paramedic thing, but I'm no longer required to say "Plastic or paper bags?" for 8 hours a day. Yes, I've left the humble beginnings of the grocery store and moved on to being a Network Engineer for a law firm. Yipee.

I thought I had rid myself of flagrantly stupid people trying to buy 1-liter bottles of Evian water for the $0.29 Campbell's soup sale price. I believed that in surrounding myself with individuals holding law degrees that the stress level in my job would decrease. "And the survey says....? *BZZT*"

I was called to help an attorney with a problem with her mouse. She claimed that the arrow on her screen wouldn't do anything when she moved the mouse. After a brief examination, my diagnosis was simple: "Carol, you don't have a mouse on your computer." What on earth was she moving around that led her to call me anyway?

Another thing that gets me every time is the arrogance of some of these attorneys. While the majority of them politely approach and ask if I can help with a task, some of the partners instead make flat demands. "Mike works for this firm - therefore he works for me. It WILL be done this way." There are certain things that computers and their peripherals simply cannot be made to do. I can't make the printer automatically put three new reams of paper because you want to print a 1700 page document - you'll just have to stand there and change it. PFFT!

We need to up our standards for both undergraduate students and LSAT-takers. From what I've seen of some of these people, a blind, constipated ferret with rickets could do better.

Published: March 23, 2001
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