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April 8, 2001

Bad Timing
   by mike <>

Sometimes, you just show up in the wrong place at the wrong time. Take the picture-perfect family with a loving father who works very hard every day, for example. This father walks into a convenience store to pick up the latest "Seventeen" magazine for his daughter because it has Aaron Carter on the cover (I know he makes me drool!). What Mr. Jenkins doesn't know will kill him; this convenience store is being robbed and the assailant is armed. It only takes seconds for the bullet to end Mr. Jenkins' life.

This is an example of bad timing. It's the same thing that makes you miss the train to work because the cable repair guy finally decided to show up. Timing is everything from telling a joke to making money on an investment to being on time for your wedding. Without it, life would be a long series of 'just missed it' opportunities.

There's also a little flaw with timing - some people don't have any: a friend of yours is constantly late for your dinner plans and never seems to even notice; your girlfriend never seems to notice that she never talks to you on the phone. Whatever the instance is, timing has more immediate impact on us than the proverbial butterfly beating its wings in China.

When you choose to inform other people of things is also an example of bad timing. Let's say you make your boss look bad in front of a lot of people - do you tell him/her right away or wait until they find out on their own? I promise you one will end your career while the other only slows your climbing of the corporate ladder.

So whenever you find yourself in a situation where timing is critical, remember this: "Third Watch" is on Mondays and "er" is on Thursdays - nothing else really matters. :-)

Published: April 8, 2001
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