May 23, 2001

Uncouth in Advertising.
   by indavis <>

I have just about had enough. If you don't have a Carl's Jr. fast food place nearby, then you probably don't get to see their commercials. Well you can just consider yourself lucky right now. My latest Pfft! is their commercials. It seems that they got the idea that being a slob is commercially viable. You are sitting on the couch, watching your favorite sitcom when this commercial appears. A man or woman is sitting there with a burger and they take a bite. They then proceed to start smacking and chewing with their mouth open, dribbling food as they go. Now you would think it would stop there, but it doesn't. They wipe their mouths off with their shirt sleeve, slurp their drink, and then keep on eating. Their tagline at the end of the commercial is "Don't bother me, I'm eating." Well, I sent them an email with the subject, "Don't bother me, I'm gagging!" (got back a form letter of course.) What possessed them to put this on tv? If I had eaten like that at any time in my life including now, I would have been slapped clear across the room. They should all be tied down and forced to watch the Barney Manners tape until they are begging for lobotomies. Then give them the lobotomy.

My other little peeve ties back to just about every food commercial in existence. The burger these slobs are chomping on, looks like no burger ever produced at a Carl's Jr. Same goes for all the fast food places. They never show a burger that you could actually buy. I realize why, but it just still gets on my nerves. What about truth in advertising. It's a good thing car companies can't do this. You would see a picture of a jaguar, and get to the lot and there's a bunch of Yugo's sitting there. Think about it. The example can be applied to more than just car dealers, how about dry cleaners. If they can't show you exactly what you are going to get, then they shouldn't be advertising it. If all they can crank out is crappy looking burgers, then live with it, and make the commercial, or start producing better looking food.

Well, it's almost lunchtime for me, so I guess I will head over to the nearest Carl's Jr., buy a burger, and then eat it right there at the end of the counter, making sure to smack, dribble, slurp, and disgust everyone in line. When they tell me to move, I can shoot their line back at them, "Hey, don't bother me, I'm eating." Why not, they keep coming in my living room grossing me out. Actually, I think I will just pass on their food till they can get some commercials that don't make me sick to watch and hear. If reading this made you hungry, then you have issues. Isaac

Published: May 23, 2001
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