On the Job

June 11, 2001

Keep your hands to yourself
   by indavis <>

So they move this new guy in next to me at work. I have this open style cubicle, where there are two in a general area. A little more open than I would like. I used to have a job, by the way, where I had a window, could close my door and no one would bother me. I really wish they would have paid more. Back to the point. They move this guy in and interrupt my temporary seclusion. Well, I don't mind a lot, but it is a pain having someone who with the twist of his neck is basically looking over your shoulder.

Now normally, that would be the Pftt!, but this one goes above and beyond. I walk over to someone else's cubicle. We are talking and I hear it, he's clipping his fingernails. Now there's going to be two different reactions to this. The first is going to be like mine, "what the ...... are you doing?" And the second is going to be "So, no big deal." Well to me, he might as well just start going to lunch with us and making it a point to blow his nose somewhere in the middle of our meal. I find it totally disgusting that someone would sit in public and clip fingernails. I know, you are thinking right now that I should lighten up, but sorry, I was raised that there are a number of things, and your number may vary, that need to be performed in private. To me, that's one of them. I don't want people's fingernail clippings all over the place. If you are one of the people who think it's ok, then think again. I tell you, the things you have to put up with to make a living. If you are reading this, and you sit in the cubicle next to me, then take this as a hint! Isaac

Published: June 11, 2001
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