June 14, 2001

Stupid hacker

After many years on the internet, I was finally hacked. Evidently they used a url trick to get my webserver to pass some commands on to the kernel. I am not going to get into a debate on which os or webserver is more secure. I just want to tell the hacker Pfft! The really funny part is that this moron totally blew it. He managed to delete files, but they were on inactive web pages. Jokes on him! I am not the most religious person, but it really makes you hope that when this idiot dies, that he will have to answer for doing things like this. I would love to be there watching this fool.

Hopefully all my log files will help out on this one. I have been pretty undecided about the whole hacker business, and now that it has happened, I say hang the bastards. Let them bunk with McVeigh. This guy puposely deleted my files on my machine. Just out of luck he deleted ones that didn't matter. Either way, he invaded my privacy. I say string his ass up. Pfft! Asshole!!!!!!

Published: June 15, 2001
Editor: stacy

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