Conspiracy Theory

July 1, 2001

When did pepper become a rare resource?
   by Staver808

I like my food spicy. As such I usually have to add something to my food after ordering. I understand this and have no problems with it. It's easier to add pepper and salt to my food than have someone else return their food to the cook for having too much seasoning on it. When you're in a sit-down restaurant it's not too bad because pepper comes in a shaker. However try and get a pepper packet from a fast food joint and you get four grains of pepper. Can it be that expensive for pepper? I mean there is almost always more than enough salt in one pack, but I have to grab 50 packs of pepper. PFFT!

Speaking of food, what was so traumatic in people's lives that some of them won't try new foods? You'd think I make a regular practice of trying to trick my girlfriend into eating bad tasting food. Granted she lives in Hawaii and as such has access to a wider/different range of culinary choices than in Mississippi where she grew up. Granted some of the foods I encourage her to try may look weird or sound weird or even have unusual ingredients in them. But on the rare occurence where she's tried something I recommend, she's enjoyed it. So where does this reluctance to try new food come from? She's open to other new experiences like cliff diving and paint ball but not new food. It baffles me. How will you know you won't enjoy it unless you try? At worse I figure she can always just spit it into her napkin.

Published: July 1, 2001
Editor: stacy

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