July 3, 2001

Happy Birthday
   by hornitos <>

Okay, it's her birthday - what are you going to get her? Well, last month I had this problem - WHAT to get her?

Just for information I did ask my girfriend for ideas on what to get her for her birthday, and well she just responded: "cheap gold loop earrings". I said okay, I think I can do that. Well I went to three different places and, well I just couldn't find the perfect "gold loop earrings" so after all that looking around I remember that women like bath items, so I went to the store and I got her a CD player for the shower.

What a perfect gift I thought, after all you can always play some good music while taking a bath.

I guess I don't need to continue with my story, she hated the gift, and on top of that I got the famous words: "You nerver listen." PFFT. WHAT is wrong with women? Any way, AMIGO, if you want her happy always remember: the gift has to shine or smell or she should be able to wear it!

Otherwise you will be doomed.

Published: July 3, 2001
Editor: stacy

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