July 3, 2001

Mexican Box Embargo
   by hornitos <>

I don't visit my family very often in Mexico but last week I got my plane ticket with a certain airline and, well, since my folks wanted a DVD player I got one on sale very cheap here in the USA.

I went to check in my DVD together with my luggage and to my big surprise, the lady at the front desk tells me, "Sorry Sir, but we have a box embargo, we can't check in anything that is in boxes." What?? At the begining I was thinking that it was a joke because you know "Friendly Customer Service" kind of a thing, but NOPE I was very very wrong. " PFFT I told them, I was not notified of such things." But they told me rules are rules. So I said "What are my options?"

So here I'm carrying my DVD player under my arm with out a box to Mexico. I really hated that situation, It has been one of my worst trips ever.

Do you want to know the end of the story? Okay the DVD player didn't work because of the different region zones. Mexico and the USA are in different regions for DVDs! I rented a DVD and couldn't play it cause it was encoded for the Mexico zone. PFFFT!!!!! :-)

Published: July 3, 2001
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