July 6, 2001

*sigh* I don't like hospitals
   by jonafun

I really, really don't like hospitals. In about 7 hours, I will be undergoing orthopaedic surgery on my left arm. I just don't like hospitals. Not one bit. And I especially don't like being put under anesthesia. I don't like being out of control of my own body.

I've got a wonderful girlfriend now. Someone I love dearly, and who loves me back just as much. Someone I promised to take care of, to provide for, to be with, for ever and ever. And I'm scared of what might happen to me tomorrow.

PFFT! to accidents and bad decisions by doctors that leave me like this (warning - that picture can be disturbing). Hopefully, all will go well, and sometime this weekend I will be on, moaning and whining about how being stoned on happy drugs is fun. :)


Published: July 6, 2001
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