Road Kill

July 9, 2001

Stupidity pays, and handsomely I might add
   by indavis <>

So I am watching the news for the first time in a few weeks, and I realize why I hadn't bothered. It's chock full of wonderful heartwarming stories like the one I am fixing to pass along. If you are not from the L.A. area, I doubt you heard this one.

Some woman breaks one of the main rules in L.A. She gets out of her car to run into a gas station and leaves the keys in the car. A Land Rover no less. Sure enough, upon exiting the store, she watches her Land Rover heading off to get on the 101 freeway. Another person at the gas station, in a Land Rover also, helps her out by phoning the police, and following the stolen car. To make a long story short, the kid who stole the car, goes over some spike strips, and then drives the next 14 or so miles. Literally driving it into the ground. By the time he comes to a stop, it only has one wheel left, and the front suspension has been ground down to the frame.

Now to the Pfft! This woman gets on the news and says that she just left her keys in the car because she was only going to be in the store for a minute. Well, as I figured, her insurance company denied to pay, since she admitted to leaving the keys in it. So the local Land Rover dealer has offered to give her a new one if they can have the one that was stolen. They are going to put it on display. I am sure probably here in the near future, you will see an ad for Land Rover with some of the coverage that the local news helicopters provided. The whole incident was like a giant Land Rover commercial anyway. I could tell that by the way the news people were talking.

Now to clarify the Pfft! It's to the dealer, it's to the situation and it's to the stupid woman. If you or I left our keys in the car and it was taken for a joyride, having the suspension ground down to the frame, we would just be out of luck. Here, someone, who obviously has enough money to begin with, gets a free ride. Again, if it was me, I would have to drive around with bullet holes or three wheels for the rest of time. Someone, who obviously isn't hurting for cash, does one of the dumbest things you can do, and gets rewarded for it. You know, my grandmother had her car stolen, and when they found it the car was destroyed. Since she didn't leave her keys in it, the insurance company paid her. They paid her almost enough money to put down to buy another used car. Pfft! Why does someone with plenty of money get a free ride, and people with little or no money get shafted, not only by having their car stolen but by the insurance company also. You work hard take care of your things, and you end up getting screwed. This woman obviously doesn't appreciate the value of her belongings, and she just gets another one handed to her for free. If the dealer wanted to do it right, they would offer her enough money for the destroyed Land Rover so that she could put a down payment on a new one, not give her a new one. They are obviously just looking for a little free press. Well, I am not moved by their graciousness. How about giving some single mother with kids, who has her car stolen, a new vehicle, and pay the taxes on it so she doesn't have to sell a kidney to keep it. Now that would be the right thing to do. Here they are just rewarding stupidity.

At least the insurance company had enough sense to call it like it is. What it all boils down to is that this just proves that you don't need to have brains to have money. Pfft!


Published: July 9, 2001
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