July 12, 2001

Who shit in my snowcone?
   by indavis <>

I try and keep the language to a low roar in my Pfft!s, but I just don't see a way around it on this one. Where I work, the whole floor shares a set of bathrooms. Now we aren't unisex, so I don't have any problems there. What I have a problem with is this. For some reason, the cleaning crew has decided that the odor coming from the bathroom has been deemed offensive. I can identify with that. So they have figured out a way to counter it. When I walk into the restroom (which is as infrequently as possible) I am now struck by the wonderful smell of pina colada. Ahh, it brings back memories of hot summers, getting up enough money to ride my bike to the snow cone stand and purchase an ice cold delight in the wonderful flavor of pina colada. Then about two steps into the bathroom, the smell of someone taking a dump invades my all too brief flashback.

Look guys, either get rid of the pina colada smell, or saturate the place with it, you are ruining one of my favorites!! If I have to walk in there one more time and smell the two together I am going to cry. Talk amongst yourselves.

Published: July 12, 2001
Editor: stacy

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