On the Job

August 3, 2001

$@*#!ing hackers
   by jonafun

I hate hackers. Some little schmuck hacked one of my administration nodes on July 5th, the day before my surgery. Because I wasn't working full time, but was recovering from surgery, I didn't catch it until the 21st. Now I've found the little ass, and I'm torturing him viciously. He's a 16 year old student in Italy. And he didn't think what he did was wrong.

Now, I believe that Dmitri Sklyarov should be free. His actions were not in malice, and he tried to give back what he found to Adobe. If my security is flawed, or I'm running something I shouldn't be, let me know, and I'll fix it. But this little schmuck didn't do that. He broke in and abused the machine. He installed an IRC bounce program and -repeatedly- logged into the machine for 16 days. I even found a smurf binary, and I hope, for his sake, he never used it.



Published: August 3, 2001
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