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September 25, 2001

Getting Back Into It

So here we are, getting back to normal. I'm getting tired of watching CNN and seeing really nothing new. I'm glad it's the new fall TV season, although I do feel that TV shows are a lot less important than they ever were before. Despite that, last night's Angel was not bad at all. I'm looking forward to Buffy tonight (note: Buffy doesn't start until Oct. 2) and Enterprise tomorrow night. I've already told a friend that I'll give it 5 episodes before I give my "initial judgment" on the show, and if it's not worthy of my time, I'll switch to West Wing, which certainly is. I actually anticipate Enterprise to be pretty good, with above-average acting and sub-par writing, which is about the best that Brannon Braga, the Star Trek head writer, can do. He's not very good at what he does.

Things are busy at work. There are constant rumors of more layoffs, but as far as I know, they are just rumors spread by people who half hope they are true. They keep giving me projects so I'll keep assuming, perhaps unwisely, that they need me. I've lately been doing an inventory of all the Sun equipment, and one coworker said they were figuring out what they've got for when the company is sold, but I'm not sure that's true. In fact, I think I'm the one that prompted the accountants to want an inventory by sending an email asking people to tell me what they had. Of course that wouldn't cut it for this inventory, but no good deed goes unpunished.

I've started bringing my lunch to work. There are several benefits to this. First, it's cheap cause I only bring leftovers or yogurt or something else I would have had anyway. Second, I eat less and better than by going out. Third, when you never leave your desk for lunch, you can leave that much earlier in the afternoon. Well, I can anyway. If I'm not so pressed with stuff to do that I'm not legitimately too busy to leave, I'm not going to stick around another hour just because I feel I need to. I'm putting in as much time as everyone else.

So here's my petty PFFTs, back to normal. My brother can't decide whether he wants to get a master's degree in geology from some mining college in Colorado, or enlist in the Army. Yeah, everything's back to normal.

Published: September 25, 2001
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