October 25, 2001

There are spaces between the numbers
   by Staver808

Wee, got a new job at a bank. Can't really complain as it's fairly stable in a slow economy (hey people, come to Hawaii, it's cheap now. :)) My big PFFT! today is where do some people grow up? Credit cards, 16 digits. AND, AND mind you, they're even spaced out for you. The layout is in four sets of four or something similiar. Just read them off in the sets provided, is that so hard? But I guess not everyone deals with credit cards on a regular basis. Telephones are another story. Isn't EVERYONE taught a phone number is read 3#s [pause] 4#s or 3#s [pause] 3#s [pause] 4#s [pause]???? THERE IS NO OTHER WAY TO READ THIS. It's not 4 then 3, or 2 then 2 then 2 then 1, or anything else! If your artistic nature calls out to you to express itself, find another way to freaking do it. Paint neighborhood pets, collect manhole (gasp! I mean personhole) covers, ask for samples at pet stores or anything else. Leave my phone numbers alone. If I become president, there will be death squads assigned to hunting down people who read them off! And the worst offense, the worst are those who readthemoffallinonegaspofbreath.

Hasn't everyone learned by the time they're out of high school, don't be rude, crass or yell at the people you're asking for help. If you do, they won't help you and they'll probably spit in your burger at the first chance they get. I know I would. PFFT! to those idiots as well. The only thing I enjoy about people that get angry is kind of sick I guess, I derive pleasure from telling people who've just told me "F*** YOU!" (or some variation) "Thank you, and have a nice day." It really brings a smile to my face hearing them get even more upset. I can't tell if that is an abnormal attitude to have yet. Everyone at work finds it funny, but then they're all demented in their own way as well.

The other thing I'm doing as president...Everyone, and I mean EVERYONE spends at least a month working in fast food AND some kind of customer service job. That's my contribution to making the world a nicer place.

PS and one last PFFT! to people who call to ask for information from me, don't like what I tell them, then call back hoping to get someone else who'll give them what they want.

Published: October 25, 2001
Editor: stacy

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