Conspiracy Theory

October 25, 2001

About that whole pepper thing...
   by Staver808

You know pepper isn't the only condiment to be short changed. Why is mustard such a small portion (in the take home packets) while you get so much ketchup? Hmmm...Now I'm trying to think of other condiments in a similar situation. Is it just me or is there never enough sauce in those dipper-size sauce thingies (excuse my technical terminology here folks) that come with your assorted finger foods from fast food chains. Why is it there never seems to be enough in one sauce bucket to eat your 6 nuggets or 3 fish sticks but those damn things are big enough it's a waste to open a new one. And the evil genius of this is I've notice while one may be too small for 6, two is STILL too small for NINE!!! How can this be? It defies all logic and physical laws. IT'S ONLY THREE MORE NUGGETS!!!! Where does all the extra sauce go??? While I try to control my sauce to chicken nugget ratio, there just never seems to be enough. But then my friends think I take food way too seriously...And you know what? After trying to explain this I'm not so sure I'm not starting to go insane. Please comment on this is if anyone else has noticed this and tell me I'm not alone.

On a completely different topic, PFFT! to whoever said "Denial is the first sign of a problem." If someone claims I'm an alcoholic, how can I say I'm not. If I do, then they parrot that stupid line back at me. Yeah, I may drink, and yeah I may drink what other people consider a lot. But I'm rarely drunk, and it's always a social thing, I never drink alone. I also never need a drink. But "denial is the first sign" blah blah blah. Oh, and you're an idiot...well, denial is the first sign. And by the way, I'm not insane, I think...

Published: October 25, 2001
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