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November 21, 2001

Hail to the Chief...
   by mike <>

It's happening again. The role of President of the United States (POTUS, according to several insiders) is growing in power. Sure, he's already the leader of the free world, but George W. Bush isn't satisfied with just that.

For those of you who don't know, the Framers of the Constitution intended the legislature (Congress, for you inept readers of Weekly Insight) to be the dominant branch in government; in fact, they feared tyranny by a single individual. That's why there are so many checks by Congress on the President.

However, the people of the US always rally behind the President in times of national crisis, such as now. Shrub (a.k.a. "little George Bush") has authorized the use of secret military tribunals to try those suspected of terrorism, thus bypassing the judicial branch of government. Additionally, cuts made to the nuclear arsenal here were made by an "executive agreement" which has the force of a treaty, but is not binding on future presidents, therefore not needing confirmation by the Senate. Finally, in limiting intelligence briefings to few and specific members of Congress, Bush has effectively blocked out other branches of our governmental system - the way it needs to be right now.

Many people are criticizing Shrub for taking such action. His power is rivalling that of FDR who, in the first 100 days of his presidency, made Congress pass more legislation than they normally do during an entire four year term. This is truly a significant time in American government. Pay attention. Stop your whining. Learn something.

It's true that I am a democrat who strongly opposed the B.S. Florida election, but I must concede that I am incredibly proud of the way President Bush is handling this crisis. He has dispensed with the stereotypical Texan swift justice and taken a more methodical, personal approach to our vengeance. I approve of his conduct this far, encourage more, and might even vote for him in the next election if this all ends positively.

So PFFT to the critics who do nothing but come on TV and cry about how something is bad for the country. How can finding war criminals and terrorists be bad? The tribunals are meant to efficiently and quickly dispose of cases that would otherwise be hung up in our court system for YEARS. Additionally, secret hearings protect intelligence gathering techniques, thereby helping assure that we'll be able to find and capture any future terrorists. And there will be more. As long as there is an America that enjoys freedoms such as ours, someone will hate us for it.

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Published: November 21, 2001
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