On the Job

November 24, 2001

The Life of a Phone Operator
   by mousel <>

I'm back again and this time I have something that is driving me crazy and just need to vent on it. I work at a shoe company part-time while being a full-time Marketing student at a local college. My job is to take catalogue orders for shoes. It's an okay job that pays pretty good and supports my bad habits (smoking, drinking) that kind of thing. Today I was forced to work 3:30 to midnight. Now that shift is more boring than watching Billy Graham on television. I'm serious. Sometimes it can be alright when I have friends working with me or my girlfriend sitting next to me, but damn, come on.

The part that frustrates me is the people that actually call there. I swear they probably can't even wipe their own asses, let alone place catalogue orders! Or we get the old people calling us that can't read the writing on a billboard if it smacked then right in the eye. Oh, and when I ask for their credit card numbers, you wouldn't even believe the things that come out of their mouths. Some even read the damn thing upside-down to give you letters instead of numbers -- it's ridiculous! It's my job to help them but how can I shove a magnifying glass through the damn phone? Then you have the customers that are shoppers (ladies). They have no intention of keeping any of the shoes they buy. I think they wear them around and then return them. I as an operator must sit through the call while these ladies say, "Hmmm. I've already got a black pump, gosh, ya know I think I need a red one too, any suggestions?" Hell no, woman, I can't even recognize that you dyed your hair blue yesterday, how the hell do I know what you want!!

But I get my checks and try my best to complain at any given second. That's me though. Mike from "Weekly Insight" and I could have a ball together. But that's all for tonight. I think I will close my eyes and hope I win the Powerball tomorrow, and the world would be a safer place to live!

Published: November 24, 2001
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