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November 28, 2001

Women - What to do?
   by mike <>

Women - can't live with 'em, can't put 'em in the garage. Another boring article on women, you say? Read something else, then. I'm going to vent about some observations I've been making lately - that's what this column is for!

My friend, we'll call him Steve (no, it's not really me, you ass), has a problem - his girlfriend is jerking him around (we'll call her Nicole). See, they met maybe 8 months ago by, well, I'm not sure how. But they seemed happy enough; at least Steve was getting some with a degree of regularity.

Then, one night while Steve and I are drinking our lives away, he tells me Nicole's going to Arizona for "a few month" for school. He's going to miss her naturally, but he's confident she'll call him and come home now and again. Once she's finished school, he says, they can begin their lives together... or something.

Sure enough, it's a screwup from the get-go. She's not calling him much. Oh well, I figure, she's adjusting to a new environment. Yeah. Well now, 2 months later, she's still rarely calling him. Oh, and did I mention she's not going to school either? She's just working at some BS job. Hmm. Her visit for Thanksgiving was cut from four to two days, and who knows when she'll return.

I guess this upsets me because Steve is such a nice guy, who is mainly just looking for someone nice to go out with, and she's jerking him around, intentionally or otherwise, and he won't do anything about it. He claimed he'd talk to her about it when she was home, but that didn't happen. Now she's back in AZ with no definite date of return, and he's been spending his time wallowing in alcohol and computer games. Depressing.

PFFT to women who ignore, disregard, forget about or otherwise make their SO's feel like crap. Get a life.

Published: November 28, 2001
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