November 28, 2001

This is not the end...
   by mike <>

Okay, we all know there's something amiss when the editor chooses MY article as the cover story for PFFT!. (Or she could just not feel like writing an editorial - I know how that goes.) What's the problem, folks? You can't honestly be telling me that a mere 266 articles is all we can produce. There's only 266 things in the entire world that annoy us? (And that would be naively assuming that none of our topics ever overlapped.)

So where are my articles about loud cell phone use in public places and those people who wear Spandex when they really shouldn't? Or the guy in the men's locker room who serenades you at the top of his lungs while drying his testicles?

Clearly there are more annoying people, bad habits or daily injustices that can be (un)fairly criticized. Perhaps you can't come up with a topic quickly enough so the article never develops. I know I've had that problem lately; I'm trying to renew my dedication to bitching about things I usually have no business being pissed about. ...and you should too!

I challenge you all to write more. To help that along, anyone who can't think of a topic can e-mail me at and I'll give you two to choose from. So let's all try to get out there and write some more to breathe some more life into this place - I love PFFT! and you should too!

Viva la PFFT! Three cheers for PFFT! God save the Queen! Wait, no, screw her. God save the PFFT! Oh, and just to make sure this pages gets some publicity, "britney spears boobs". ;-)

Published: November 29, 2001
Editor: stacy

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