November 30, 2001

Stop Being Foolishly Cheap
   by jeremy

Well, this is my first PFFT article, but here it goes...

Ok, so I am in college, at a Big Ten University. Of course, we go out to get drunk, and try to hook up, and we always have a good time. However, some of my friends really piss me off sometimes.

Ok, so some bars charge 4 dollars to get in. Some charge 3, and some charge 5. Why do people get so pissed when its 5 instead of 3? We're all in the same economic class here, so what's the difference of 2 dollars going to make in your life? Along the same line, I was in a restaurant with one of my friends, and we wanted an order of cheese fries. However, Bacon was 99 cents more, and he said it wasn't worth it. What is the difference? Is the 49.5 cents going to make a difference in your life?

If you are going to be such a baby about the 49.5 EXTRA cents, stay at home, lock your door, and look at the damn sky with the lights off. Sing to yourself, but don't turn the lights on, because that might add 49.5 cents to your bill.

If you are going to be such a cheap fool, stay home. Don't smear the rest of the world with your petty foolishness. If you are telling me that you have never found a few cents on the ground that would make up for that extra change, then you have a point. Otherwise, stay home!!

Published: December 1, 2001
Editor: stacy

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