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January 7, 2002

Let Me Give You a Tip
   by mike <>

Tipping. It's out of control. It's gone crazy everywhere. Nowadays you can hardly go anywhere where some service is performed without being expected to shell out more money in the form of a tip. I am not a cheap person (just ask my friends), but I don't wipe my butt with money either. Allow me to explain:

Not so bad, right? Wrong. In the restaurant, I could have the crappiest server this side of the galaxy who drops my food and gets our order wrong and I'd still be "what an asshole" for tipping 10% or less. Not only that, but I hate when restaurants take it upon themselves to automatically add a gratuity to the total. Tipping is by definition extra money I add. ME, not you, you money-grubbing ass suckers.

What about hotel room service? They add a 18% gratuity to all orders in many places, as well as a "delivery and handling fee." So I have to pay an extra fee so my food gets to my room without having fallen on the floor?

It's out of control. Everyone assumes that just because they do a job, whether or not they did it well, they're entitled to extra money out of my pocket. I think not. PFFT. I'll give money when I see fit and not before.

Published: January 7, 2002
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