January 9, 2002

Inside the terrorist mind
   by rameses <>

The Taliban has been driven out of Afghanistan and we've got 364 fucking Al-Qaeda/Taliban soldiers who are kept alive for information. We are flying them for free to Cuba. We have to feed them, cloth them, provide medical attention and yes, they have dental plans too.

C'mon, what the fuck are these guys being kept alive for? Do you know that these guys will die before they give any sort of information? Do you know that some of these fuckers have been indoctrinated since childhood to kill and blow up US civilians, targets and military bases even if it means they have to kill themselves? Do you remeber the revolt in the jail in Afghanistan where they fought to death? These guys are fucking lunatics and I don't want my tax dollars to be wasted on feeding and clothing these sheep-fucking dickheads!

My solution: we have 364 Al-Qaeda prisoners. From sunrise to sunset we question one guy a day and at the end of the day if we get nothing out of him, blow his brains off in front of all his comrades. Next day, next prisoner. I assure you by the 25th day we will have all the information we need and if not PFFT!..we have only 339 mouths to feed and heads to blow.

Read my lips, no new taxes!! When's the next election? PFFT!!

Published: January 9, 2002
Editor: robin

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