January 14, 2002

PACKERS! Wooooooo!!!
   by daisygreenhalgh <>

God, help me, I'm stuck in Wisconsin.

I am not a football person. I don't know the difference between a first down and a down comforter. I try hard, really I do. But I will never understand it (I suppose my basketball-wired brain doesn't get it).

Living in Wisconsin, there are three rules you must abide by that have already got me screwed.

  1. You must drink beer.
  2. You must eat sausage.
  3. You must love the Packers.

I don't have a hate for the Pack. In fact, I find Brett Favre charming. Yet, sitting down to watch the Green and Gold is like getting a tooth pulled. I don't care if Favre's got those tight pants on. It ain't workin'.

I suppose I'm in the wrong place. I don't like Wisconsin athletics, either (which, I think, is against the law). Maybe one day, when I'm walking through the Kohl's store wearing my beloved Duke hockey jersey and Duke baseball cap and Duke jacket (see a pattern?) I'll get jacked.

But right now, I'm not worried. I'll keep working on fitting in.

Packers. Woooooo.

Published: January 14, 2002
Editor: robin

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