January 22, 2002

They don't know jack!!
   by rameses <>

We have seen companies wither and die over the past few years starting with the internet bubble burst. Sure, those dotcom companies had no sales model, revenue generating products, service or ideas on how to make any of those. Just a bunch of people with ideas, trying to make a few dollars more.

But what about Enron, Nortel, Ericsson, Cisco, Motorola..?? They are laying off people by the tens of thousands. What the fuck is going on? Enron is just one of the many corporate fuckups of the century. Not that these companies didn't have great products or services to offer, it's quite obvious who screwed up. Yes, it was the fucking, cocksucking management ..PFFT!!! These guys/gals (eg: Carly Fiorina of HP) have no clue of running things, no idea of what needs to be done, whats going on ..nada..just plain damn cocksucking assholes.

It is high time management be held responsible for their actions. eg: All Enron executives who sold stocks to bail out of the fiasco should be fined, jailed and their sales from stock sales allocated to the employees' 401K. Also, these managers should not be given management jobs anywhere in the USA. Accounting firms should be held accountable too, in cases like Enron.

Conclusion: I pee and spit on all business schools, the management they produce, the corporate executives and all cocksucking managers who have no clue about anything.

Published: January 22, 2002
Editor: robin

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