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January 22, 2002

Humans and Rights
   by mike <>

I'm about to tread on some very touchy issues, here. If you have a problem with that, a problem with conflicting viewpoints, keep reading and send me a bitch e-mail I can delete. But read it all first.

It's been four and a half months since the attack on New York City, the Pentagon and the poor field in the middle of Pennsylvania. Our "war on terrorism" has been in full swing for months, and our economy is still trying desperately to bounce back (no thanks to Enron, you assholes). And on top of it all, the human rights advocates are whining again.

The United States now has in custody, in varying locales, several hundred individuals suspected of participating in or supporting the attacks that crippled our country those four months ago. Some are being detained locally, in the U.S., while others are being held overseas or at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. Good.

Frankly, I'm impressed the Armed Forces have had the restraint to just hold them. I wouldn't be surprised if there were beatings and bamboo tortures going on; in fact, I'd try to sign up and help! What am I saying? These people, who show no concern for the rights of the INNOCENT CIVILIANS they slaughtered, are entitled to no more rights than a pile of horseshit. This is international terrorism; we cannot be, and are not, concerned with 'innocent until proven guilty' and 'trial by jury.' Those are rights citizens in the U.S. have during peacetime. They are not, and should not be extended to those individuals who take it upon themselves to hurt us because they hate us.

And don't bitch at me, ACLU, that if you don't fight for our rights then no one will. I don't give a shit anymore. This has gone on long enough and it's time to kick some ass. Besides, look where your complaining has fallen: upon deaf ears. All you do is argue that rights are being violated, blah blah blah, and people get convicted anyway. Most people are sick of your incessant noise, myself included. Let the military do its job. Go back to worrying about whether squashing a fruitfly violates its right to be.

God dammit.

Published: January 22, 2002
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