January 28, 2002

Those Asians are so smart!
   by KingKim <>

OK too many people have this stereotype of Asians being the smartest creatures alive. Well, I am here to tell you that all Asians aren't alike. In fact, one would have to classify them into two different species. Those who are foreigners (the hard-workers) and those who are born in the USA (the lazy-bums). By way of observation I have come to conclude that the hard-workers are highly motivated, intelligent and are wonderful people to work with. The lazy bums, on the other hand, are cheaters, liars, and pretty self-absorbed.

As a computer science student I have come to know both species of Asians and have got to tell you it is downright sad how the lazy-bum species manages to cheat and collaborate on projects they aren't supposed to and get away with it. And every one of them either has the exams from last semester or knows how to get it.

Next time you see an Asian don't automatically assume they are smart. Be skeptical and don't fall into the trap. The lazy-bums species can be quite sneaky you know.

Not a racist just a realist.

Published: January 28, 2002
Editor: stacy

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