January 29, 2002

Super Bowl Madness

There's no madness as such here in Dallas. After all, the Cowboys really sucked this year. They've been a joke ever since the third game of the year when this one spread:

A guy stops at the 7-11 and runs in for something. He won't be long, so he doesn't even turn off the car engine and lock the doors. He's forgotten that he left two 50 yard line seats to the next Cowboy game on the dashboard. When he returns a minute later, he's shocked..shocked!.. to discover that someone has entered his car, and put two more next to his. Rimshot.

On the other hand, there must be quite a lot of madness in the frozen wasteland otherwise known as Massachusetts (at least it was a frozen wasteland in that playoff game two weeks ago). The Patriots weren't supposed to beat Pittsburgh, and now they're certainly not supposed to beat the Rams. A guy at work was saying yesterday how the real Super Bowl was this past Sunday when the Rams beat the Eagles. He doesn't expect the Superbowl to be much of a game at all.

But really, is it ever? I remember a lot of Super Bowls where the outcome was pretty much known beforehand, and the game itself was just a formality and an excuse to watch the new Budweiser commercials. We shouldn't forget the old axiom cliche either, that any team can beat any other team on any given day. I'm just hoping this will be the Patriots' day! I need to get myself invited to a party somewhere, too, so I watch the slaughter and the new commercials. If anybody knows of one, let me know. PFFT.

Published: January 29, 2002
Editor: stacy

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