February 20, 2002

I Hate Junk Mail!
   by rcn

Don't get me wrong, I love the Internet, and I love email. But I only love email when it's actually GOOD! And I actually WANT it!

About six weeks ago I discovered MSN Explorer, which I have now become quite addicted to, partly because it has everything I need in one place, and partly because it's a lot better looking than Internet Explorer. Anyway, I digress...

Those of you who use MSN Explorer will know that you need a Hotmail or MSN email address to use it, which is fine... I signed up for an email address with them and for the first four or five weeks, everything was fine. I was only getting email from the people I wanted to get email from, and there were no problems.

That is, until one evening I logged on to find an email from a German porn site. I blocked the address, and since I don't know anyone from Germany anyway, I set up a filter to block all incoming emails ending in ".de"... which didn't work! :(

In the past week I've received about 20 junk emails and they're driving me up the wall! And I daren't change email addresses because it would take me ages to transfer my 55 or so contacts and not only that, thanks to the junk email that no matter where I go, I always receive, I already changed my address about six times in less than four months and I wouldn't be very happy if I had to do it again. (Neither would my friends, for that matter.)

Anyway, that's all for this PFFT! I just wanted to rant about the unfairness of junk mail. Why do I need Viagra anyway?! And what makes anyone think I want to look at cartoon porn?! Geez... some people.

Published: February 20, 2002
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