March 7, 2002

Monica Lewinksy...Get a Fucking Job!!
   by rameses <>

Ok , so the fat intern who sucks dick is back. Not showing her thong at the White House but back on TV with her 30 minutes on HBO?? Is there anything more that the public wants to hear about the "sensitive, suck and go" love afffair with Clinton..PFFT!!?. Accept it bitch, you were an intern and he was the President. He got horny and stuck it into your mouth. There was no love bitch..get that into your head!! True, he was abusing his position, was unfaithful..all of the above..but he was no priest he is a politician!

I don't think anybody even cares about her, so HBO and advertisers, don't waste your money. Next you'll have to get Ms. Tripp. Clinton would've let Linda Tripp suck if she could get under the desk, given Clinton's selection of ugly hos he's slept with. Remember Paula Jones..uughhh??!! Monica had a book deal, ABC deal (got interviewed by Barbara Walters), had a job @ what? What do you want bitch ?..ur 15 minutes of fame is up..PFFT!!

Wonder if she is gonna have her own TV show next? Maybe she'll replace David Letterman next year!?? Monica, here's some advice if you really need lots of money to live.. be a ho in Washington. You'll have exclusive clients and get paid big bucks. Else, stop wasting cable time. Get a real job bitch !!

Published: March 7, 2002
Editor: stacy

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