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March 13, 2002

Mommy, please don't kill me
   by mike <>

The verdict is in. A Texas jury convicted Andrea Yates on two counts of murder in the drowning deaths of her five children.

As you may recall, this pathetic woman took her five kids, one by one, and drowned them in a bathtub. Then she placed them in a row on a mattress. She claimed that she was saving them from an eternal damnation in hell. Hoooooly shit.

Well, good! I'm glad to see that she's not getting off. She claimed insanity and the jury saw through it. Being 'mentally ill' does not automatically withdraw you from culpability in these matters.

Cyndie Aquilina, a social worker, was at the trial and called the verdict "ludicrous," saying "[Yates] should have never even been on trial." Aquilina claims that Yates was found guilty despite her mental history because people are ignorant and " not understand mental illness."

Well, maybe you're partially right. However, I am here to tell you that we all perfectly understand mental illness. WE JUST DON'T CARE. The time has come, in the wake of all the horrible things that have been going on in the world, to crack down on wrongdoers and stop looking for BS excuses to either let them go or make them 'not responsible' for what they did. If you have mental problems, fine. You don't kill your kids. There were points in Yates' life where she stopped taking medication because "...[they] thought she was better," and even had another child despite her physician's warning against doing so.

Those things MAKE you responsible, Andrea. Your choosing to stop medication and jump in the sack show your conscious disregard for the position you're in. So Cyndie Aquilina, how about you point that accusation of ignorance at Andrea Yates. When she stopped taking her meds and had another kid, both against professional advice (unless Yates is a doctor - HAH!), it negated her claim that she was unable to appreciate the consequences of her actions. Some places call this disregard for what may happen 'depraved indifference.' I call it cold-blooded murder.

.Now that she's going to prison, maybe she'll get 'the special treatment' from her butch cellmate. Enjoy hell, Andrea. PFFT.

Published: March 13, 2002
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