March 14, 2002

Victims With Vaginas

By now we should all know the Andrea Yates story, so I won?t rehash it entirely. In a nutshell (pun intended), she put the ?mental? in ?fundamental? by drowning her five kids so they wouldn?t go to Hell. Then, when she gets busted, she claims to have been a victim of mental illness, instead of just telling them she was being a good Christian.

NOW and Katie Couric rushed to her side with interviews. This psycho-bitch also got lots of financial support and sympathy. To top it off, there was even a candlelight vigil for this perverted child killer. The woman is always the victim, so it seems.

By comparison - and a fair one at that ? there?s this Nikolai Soltys pervert who killed most of his family, including his 3-year-old son by luring him into a box full of toys. Did he enjoy the status of being a victim? After all, he had the financial pressures of raising a family in a new country. All this pressure probably triggered some type of mental illness. After all, what could be more mental than killing your kids or family?

Did he get financial aid from a men?s group? What about the Ukranian-American community rallying to the aid of this poor ?victim.? Did he get a candlelight vigil? Did he get an interview on television to explain why he did it? What about sympathy from anyone?

Why did these two sick-os get treated differently? Because he is a MAN, and she's a WOMAN that?s why. The legal system and society in general has perpetuated the idea that ALL men are EVIL BASTARDS, while ALL women are POOR VICTIMS.

Both of these freaks deserve to be fried. Soltys did himself in while under suicide watch, saving us tax dollars. They both deserve to be equally stigmatized and ostracized by society. However, this comparison shows how societal views on men and women differ. Certainly, women must be victims. Ever see the Lifetime Channel? This is but one of the tools pushing this idea, along with NOW (who should change their name to THEN, because they are so 1975).

This social attitude has fucked over yours truly -- and many other men -- in the Family Court. And don't forget the children who get screwed over (the REAL victims). In my divorce, my now ex-wife wanted a large sum of money. Her plan to get this money was to limit my visitation, thereby offsetting the time/money ratio to get her more cash to spend on her Haagen-Dazs ice cream and enable her to only have to work part-time (in California, for your reference).

The FEMALE judge (you know where this is going already) would interrupt me and condescend to me like I?m some kind of fucking retard. On at least five occasions, she slandered me by referring to me as a ?Wife Beater,? even though I?ve never been convicted of ANY crime ? let alone the fact that I don?t hit women. Why did the judge call me this? Because the VICTIM told her this was the situation. There was no evidence of anything; it was her word against mine. Her word was winning out because SHE is the VICTIM. I guess the judged figured that women don't lie, either.

Sure, I got screwed over on the financial side, but it's nothing compared to what this whole mess has done to my son. I did not see him ALL SUMMER, even though the courts indicated I should have him every other weekend. My son does not get to have a father-son relationship and the court doesn't care. I filed complaints with them and with the police and nothing was done. However, if I miss ONE child support payment, I lose my license. Miss TWO payments and go to JAIL!

Just imagine if things were the other way around; a judge giving me full custody and awarding me money because women are EVIL and men are VICTIMS. The judge could use the Andrea Yates case as a boilerplate to indicate that women are mentally and emotionally incapable of raising children because of the predisposition to killing them. Of course, we know this isn't true, but the Judicial System is incapable of any logical thought, which is why they have books telling them what to think and what to do.

But dressing women with that stigma wouldn?t be fair, either. So why do it to men? In a perfect world, people would be viewed for what they are as people, instead of what they have between their legs.

While this mess causes us men great pain, it's nothing compared to what happens to the children. They are the REAL victims here. Until the Family Courts, NOW, and all the other freaks who use children for their own gain realize this, they get a big "PFFT!" from me. They ought to be ashamed of themselves. DOUBLE-PFFT!

Published: March 14, 2002
Editor: stacy

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