March 25, 2002

What the PFFuck?!

My first story on here was about how men get fucked over in social and legal situations (Victims With Vaginas) and how it has affected me personally. Then, I wrote yet another story about how my former boss fucked me over (It Pays to be a Lying Back-Stabber).

Well, guess what?! I got fucked yet again this week! PFFT!

With the ex-wife stalking me and my former boss withholding money, I thought to myself, WELL, at least you've still got a great band in LA. At least things are great there.

I spent a TON of $$$ on producing a demo. I had paid for bumper stickers. I paid for ALL of the rehearsal space. I had pre-paid someone to go in with me on production of a video for the band. I have booked gigs in advance and have sent out promotional packages. Plus, I'm only days away from promoting the band and the CD on a major LA radio station.

Then, one of the guys decides he wants to be a punk-ass monkey-fucker and calls to tell me he quits the band. Why? Because he wants to pursue other things and he wants to be a 4th grade teacher. PFFT!


All this after I've invested all this time and money and have so much ahead happening. If we were jerking off in his dad's garage, then I could totally understand. But we were on our way up! PFFT!

So now I have to spend MORE $$$ by mailing letters to the club promoters, radio station, video production crew, etc., to let them know what has happened.

This will make me look like a total tool, to top it all off.

The project is completely ruined, as well as my reputation, all because some punk-ass monkey-fucker decided to change his mind like a pussy.

He totally pussed out.


Published: March 25, 2002
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