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April 27, 2002

The Complete Waste of My Time

There are some TV shows I enjoy. Farscape is one of them. It's a show set in a distant part of the galaxy about a human astronaut who is stuck with a bunch of diverse aliens running from a psychopathic freak who wants to rip data out of his head. At the beginning of the show he was the fish out of water from a backwoods planet, but of course now he's the leader of his group and in love with his female costar who, while alien, looks very much like a human.

The past couple of weeks, during the show there have been advertisements about a first season DVD box set available from Blockbuster. I went to Best Buy, and they didn't have it, so I checked out Blockbuster's web site and saw it was only a "Best Of Season One," with 3 DVDs each with only two episodes. This is not what I had in mind. I want the Complete First Season, and I'm not going to buy this dangling carrot crap. Same with Babylon 5. I want the whole seasons, already.

Also, I understand that there will be two DVD releases of Fellowship of the Ring this year, followed by a set with all three movies sometime after the release of Return of the King. I really don't want to buy one, let alone two, DVDs only to have an even nicer one if I can only restrain myself and wait a couple of years. But, I guess I have to be thankful there is this plethora of DVDs to choose from, unlike some other well-known movies *cough*Indiana Jones*cough* that don't even have ONE DVD available. PFFT!

Published: April 27, 2002
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