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May 8, 2002

A Letter to Terror
   by mike <>

Dear Petty, Gonna-get-caught-and-hung-by-your-nuts Terrorists:

Enough is enough already. Every other day it seems like we're hearing about another suicide bombing somewhere or another in the world. The most recent was just yesterday in Karachi, where a bomber blew up a shuttle bus, killing 11 French nationals. Christ.

Do you, oh organizations of which we're sooooo afraid, honestly believe that being a suicide bomber is some kind of martyrdom? Do you think it really strikes fear into our hearts as an international community? No. It makes us think you're all cowardly assholes who, since YOU don't like the way things are run, think it's okay to kill a bunch of innocent people. That's against both the rules of engagement and the laws of nature.

I will never think to myself, "Wow, that bombing really got my attention," or "Whew, thank goodness the terrorists blew up the orphanage, otherwise nothing would change!" ...and no one else will, either. Your methods serve no purpose other than to strengthen the world's resolve to rid itself of petulant scum like you.

Suicide bombing is a pathetic way to express beliefs that are both unpopular with government and rejected by the majority. Deal with it. Find a hobby. Drop this incessant, anonymous way of trying to make a statement because if you don't, I promise you, you will pay.

-Mike O'Brien

Published: May 8, 2002
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