May 18, 2002

Another Day, Another PFFT!
   by rcn

Yet again, I must vent my technology gripe. My new computer... well, new-ish (three months old) somehow got a virus. And I couldn't get rid of it no matter how hard I tried, so after seeking the advice of a computer expert who I trust (no, that's not my PFFT! - her advice was good), I reformatted my hard drive.

It worked. No sign of the virus anywhere. I've got everything set up and working semi-perfectly (it's a lot slower than it used to be, but that's just something I'll have to get used to) except the sound card. This is made worse by the fact I have no bloody idea where I put the box the sound card came in, and the only CD that came with the computer doesn't have the drivers for my sound card, and I don't even know what my sound card is.

This probably makes no sense to read, but it's an indirect PFFT! at people who think viruses are clever. They're not. It's also a slightly more direct PFFT! at Bill Gates and his team of minions. I don't quite know why, but I'll think of a reason. I just don't like him.

Published: May 18, 2002
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