May 20, 2002

Homework Sucks
   by sziegler <>

Seriously, is there anything worse than homework? Yes, there's alot of stuff worse than homework, but it sure as hell is up there with dying and living in Isreal or without electricity. I mean why can't I have LD parents that don't care so much about homework? No, I really don't mean that and I am one of the smartest kids in my class (no, I'm not bragging) but where is the motivation? Hey, give me some credit, I get A's and B's but my teachers are always saying even though it's awesome work that I don't get some (little) stuff in on time and that pisses off my parents. And what is wrong with this typing thing? It keeps kickin me out. And why can't I change my username? Are like half the people on here British?

The biggest PFFT of the day: what is PFFT? Does it stand for something? Is it a sound?

(Way better and longer article next time.)

I'm goin to watch Saturday Night Live. It's not Saturday night. Shut up.

Published: May 21, 2002
Editor: stacy

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