June 14, 2002

Go From GPS to Hell in 7.5 Seconds

Last week I read about Geocaching. That's where somebody hides a box full of small goodies someplace and you're supposed to use the given GPS coordinates with a GPS receiver to find it. I looked some up and found quite a few in our general area, so the other night we went looking for some. We don't have a GPS receiver, but you don't need one if you're willing to follow the clues. We found the first (a virtual cache), and the third, and signed the log, though there were no goodies, but the good part was the second cache we looked for.

This was in a city park with a creek running through it. On either side of the creek are open fields where kids play baseball and jump out of swings. Through the trees to the creek, though, and you might was well be out in the woods. We found the clues for the cache, but we never found the cache itself, so after a while we gave up and left. The next morning, I woke up scratching my legs like crazy, because I had a poison ivy rash.

Now, if you've never had a poison ivy rash, consider yourself lucky. Not everyone is allergic to it, and not everyone has ever been exposed. I must have walked right through the stuff cause I have the little blisters all over my ankles and lower legs. They are gross puss-filled oozers too, and they itch like the devil. I couldn't sleep last night it itched so bad. I went to the doctor and got some stuff for it, and it's getting better, but it's by no means comfortable.

So I have a couple of PFFTs here. One is for the guy who left the Geocache in Steeplechase Park. We found the tree fort, but where's the #%&*^# cache?? The other is for modern medicine. I want a pill to make this rash go away NOW! PFFT!

Published: June 14, 2002
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