June 28, 2002

Why My Sisters?!?!
   by brandi <>

Let me first start off by saying not all men are pigs, just some.

The other day (Tuesday), an ex-boyfriend of mine called and left a really obscene message on my mom's machine. Well, she was pretty pissed, for many reasons. One, he lied about my family, saying we bought weed from him. PFFT on that alone. Two, when we had went out he messed around with my 18-year-old sister when she was 15, and had sex with my best friend. Thats just wrong, right? Well let me keep going. Well, like I said, she was pissed. She called my ex and told him he was going to jail (for phone stalking?). I was very upset at him for calling my mom very bad names, like the "C" word us females hate to hear. I was going to email him and ask him what the hell did he think he was doing? My mom told me not to. She said I didnt know the whole story (what story?). Of course I got upset at her, she knew something and wasnt telling me. My mom sat down on the couch next to me, and started crying. She told me she would tell me the whole story if I promised not to hate my other sister (she's 15). I told her I could never hate my little sis. My mom then grabbed my hand and told me that he (my ex), had slept with her on New Years (yes, we were seeing each other, but nothing serious) She was only 14 yrs old!!!! and still a "V", he was 18. My sister does not know I know, I love her too much to tell her I know. If she knew I know then she'll worry I hate her. What she did was wrong, yes. I think I am more upset at my ex. She was only 14! Still a little girl!! (Now I understand why she said he was going to jail.)

Like I said in the beginning, not all men are pigs. I have a very nice man in my life right now, he treats me very well. To all the others, the men who think its "cool" to do that SH#$. Major PFFT to you!!!!!!!

Published: June 29, 2002
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