On the Job

July 25, 2002

   by jonafun

I don't think I've read PFFT! since sometime in September. A lot of things changed then. Three days before my last post (which was Sept 17th, btw), my boss resigned, so things went to hell. Three months later, on January 2nd, I got fired from my job (@#%!). My parents are in the middle of a bitter and sucky divorce, and have been since last July. Now I'm back on the East coast, making almost nothing and still at work at 2am. Gee, I've only worked 60 hours this week.

I was around when PFFT! started. It was -great- to read; one of the first sites I opened after I woke up in the mornings. And one I came back to a few times a day, just to see if anything else PFFT!'able was going on in the world. Hell, I was even a guest editor once, while R&S went out of town. (I hope I didn't screw anything up while you guys were gone to make you pissed at me!)

So tonight, as I sit waiting for things to print out as a favor to mom & dad, I have to PFFT! at myself, for not continuing to support this great site that I used to enjoy. I've not been very happy lately; losing one's dream job and barely being able to make ends meet will ensure that. I think I need to PFFT! more often. That'll help.

So a PFFT! to me, for being a dork, and not reading PFFT!.


Published: July 26, 2002
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