August 12, 2002

Trivia Fun

I've lately been spending some spare moments playing a trivia game on IRC. It's quite a lot of fun, you have to be quick, and it covers a wide variety of subjects. It's just that I hate music questions, I can never remember who sings what or who was a member of which band, but the bot asks a lot of those kind of questions. I also hate the word scramble questions, but I think i might be getting better at those.

The PFFT, I suspect, is not mine, but some of the regulars in that channel who've been doing great, and then me, the newbie, comes along. I'm pretty good at it, I'm in third place for the week, and I get the idea I'm upsetting some routines. Yesterday I went to the channel to start playing, and the person who's at #1 for the year says "uh oh." He/she had a 96-question winning streak going, and I came in and got a question right, which of course broke the winning streak. What I don't understand is that a couple of people were watching the guy do this, without apparently playing. I'm not going to feel bad for going to a trivia game and, well, playing trivia.

There's this kind of annoying thing that goes on too while people are playing. After someone gets a question right, everybody says "gj" or "wd" (for "good job" or "well done") after which the person who got it right says "ty" (for "thank you"), and occasionally somebody will say "yw" (for "you're welcome"). OK, I get it, everybody is glad everybody else is doing so well. I guess it's important that everybody be polite, since it's a friendly competitive type of game. Let's just have fun.

Published: August 12, 2002
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