August 18, 2002

I don't need a loan!
   by rcn

Since I just posted a comment on someone else's PFFT! regarding newspapers, I thought I'd enter this...

I don't know what the situation is in the U.S.A. (although I can't imagine it's very much different from here in Britain), but I'm getting sick and tired of my day being 25% made up of loan commercials. There's always been a few stuck towards the back of the newspapers, but in the last couple of years, loan companies have started making irritating TV adverts and splashing them all over ever screen in the country. I'll admit that most of them are on the digital channels, not on mainstream TV but it's damn annoying. Not only that, I get emails telling me things like "Rates are low! Refinance now!" or "In Debt? Let Us Help you!!!"

Thanks, but no thanks. If I ever go overdrawn, I'll go to you. Save your money - don't buy expensive TV airtime, just push your rates down. It's not that hard.


Published: August 19, 2002
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