August 21, 2002

   by rcn

Technology is a bitch.

I've only been a member of PFFT! for about 8 months and this is at least my fifth tech gripe.

I ordered a digital camera on Saturday morning, and was assured it would be with me by Tuesday 27th August. Well, no gripe there, it was delivered this morning, well packaged and everything - delivery note inside, return slip there... everything was there, which is just as well really.

See, for the longest time, I've wanted a digital camera, and I was understandably overwhelmed with happiness as I unwrapped it this morning. My happiness faded a bit while I was installing all the software required for the camera to work (...snooze...) but still, I was looking forward to taking a photo ands eeing it up there on screen three minutes later.

I should have known better. Whenever I buy something remotely technological, it will screw up. Let's see... December '98: bought a TV, which didn't work properly. November '99: computer - again, didn't work properly, had to send it back. Then from last summer onwards, any time I bought something you had to plug in, it didn't work. We'll start with December 2001, when I bought a new mobile phone. Yuck. The less said about that the better. It sucked, it didn't work... if it wasn't supposed to do it, it did it. Then the next month I bought a new computer, which also messed up (I chronicled that here on PFFT! earlier this year). I had to buy a new stereo system in June, but because I didn't have the money, I opted for one of those portable sound systems instead, with exactly the same feature but at half the price. Fine... got it home, it didn't work! Ha! The comedy of errors continues... I bought a scanner, which didn't work for weeks. Then I got a virus on my computer, and had to reload everything. But the doofus who equipped me with my computer didn't give me everything I needed, so I had to go chasing him up until I finally got what I needed, six weeks later.

And now this. I'm convinced I'm jinxed. I just don't know what to do. What does technology have against me? PFFT! Technology can just kiss it.

Published: August 22, 2002
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