September 3, 2002

What about the flight attendant?
   by rameses <>

So a passenger beats up a flight attendant. The passenger is arrested when the plane lands in Charlotte, North Carolina. And where's the flight attendant? Oh, he is not hurt but he was taken to the hospital just in case.

Whats the matter with the fucking cops? Nobody has conclusive details on what went wrong, but why just arrest the passenger? Arrest the fuckin' flight attendant too. Perhaps, the flight attendant started the whole mess... are they immune to the law?

Air passengers are tense and sort of weary after the heightened security checks at the airport. The flight attendants need to stay calm and be extra polite to passengers and not trigger off anything.

What is that we hear 'innocent till proven guilty?' So, are we at the stage where its ok to get your ass kicked in mid-air by a flight attendant? Maybe the charlotte police need to take it easy on the overcharged, tense and weary air passengers. PFFT!!

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Published: September 3, 2002
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