October 2, 2002

Time to PFFT!
   by rcn

I just got a phone call from someone who works for the mobile phone service I subscribe to, asking me if I wanted an international calling plan for a one-off cost of 4.99.

I don't really, but I thought I'd play up to him because one day it might come in useful... well, maybe. But anyway, I kept trying to dissuade him because he kept repeating himself and I got bored. I'm surprised the "Yeah, that's nice, but no" didn't put him off.

PFFT!!! to cold calling (or as they like to call it... courtesy-calling... yeah right) and PFFT!!! to the fact that companies are cutting wage costs by 80% by getting people in India to do the same job for one fifth of the wage that people here are paid. Damn exploitation is all it is.

Published: October 2, 2002
Editor: stacy

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