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October 4, 2002

Survivor Thailand, Ep 3 -- He Said, She Said
   by stacy <>

So finally an episode of this Survivor with some drama. The first two episodes were fairly uneventful, but now we're starting to get to know the participants. It began with Ghandia talking about Ted sort of standing it for her husband. I thought at the time it was sort of weird, and I was right! The next day Ghandia woke up and says Ted was bumping and grinding in the night, but she stayed and didn't smack him or get up or anything else discouraging. She confronted him about it in private and he apologized for it, saying he was mostly asleep and thought she was his wife, and she accepted his apology, but then she ran to Helen (who she voted for last week), and her story started to expand to include sexual biting.

Meanwhile at Sook Jai, the kids are starving, they can't catch fish, and Jed took a nap while he was supposed to be watching the net, and when he woke up it was gone. The others were not happy about this, and generally think Jed is a lazy bum. It's hard to disagree.

The reward challenge is running across narrow boards over the water carrying baskets. There's an "attack zone" where players from different teams can try to knock the other off the board. Sook Jai takes an early lead, but self-destructs by taking out the other team while they aren't in the attack zone, and half their team is disqualified. Even Jeff Probst gets exasperated, and Chuay Gahn wins something, finally. The reward is a couple of Thai red beret soldiers for 24 hours, who go back to the tribe and demonstrate how everything is edible and whip up some nifty pad thai bamboo.

That night Chuay Gahn gets confrontational between Ted and Ghandia. Helen is willing to be Ghandia's new best friend, and she tells Jan Ghandia's side, and Brian, but Brian goes and asks Ted, who comes up with this very lame "Nothing happened" and then they get around the campfire and it comes out that Ted doesn't even find Ghandia attractive. The red berets tell them to get happy.

At the immunity challenge, the challenge is the Towers of Hanoi problem with a 6-piece tower. Sook Jai indicates they are throwing the challenge so they can get rid of some dead weight. Chuay Gahn wins easily, and tellingly, only Jed and Robb seem to be doing any work on the other side. After they lose, they look a little worried. Robb says the tribe has decided Shii Ann, who is kind of conceited, but so far, dead on in her comments about her fellow tribemembers, is the one to go, but surprise, it's Jed.

My predictions for next week: the Ted and Ghandia story will continue, possibly along gender lines. Stephanie will find herself in hot water in Sook Jai for aligning with Jed and Robb. Jeff will chide Sook Jai for throwing the challenge if they lose again.

Published: October 4, 2002
Editor: stacy

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